Sunday, 19 November 2017

Compassion and Care

Dear Parents, last week one of the children in Blue Room (2M) showed compassion well beyond her years. Cielo has been growing her hair and you may have noticed that it was extremely long. She was growing it for a reason and that was to cut it off and give it to a special little girl whose hair has fallen out. Cielo's beautiful hair will be made into a wig. How amazing is that? Below is the photo. It's worth a look.

The end of year is fast approaching and the children are doing really well even though at this stage of the year they are incredibly tired. We have been wearing our creative hats and making special Christmas bags for each other. Everything in the bag is home made and the children have absolutely loved it. It is meant to be a surprise!!!! Ask your child about the activity and maybe who they are creating a Christmas bag for. 
Have a great week.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Serious Scientists!!

Dear Parents, the children have returned to school this term refreshed and eager to learn. Our theme for this term is Simple Machines. We will design, create and build our own simple machines during our Science lessons.

Last week we conducted an experiment to see what it would be like in Space working with a simple machine. Firstly, the children had to undo a nut and bolt using their bare hands and then redo it again.
Secondly, they needed to put on some rubber gloves and undo and redo the nut and bolt.
Thirdly, they had to keep the nut and bolt under the water with their gloves on and then without their gloves. They were surprised by the results and took the experiment very seriously.
We changed one variable each time so that our results could be compared and were accurate.

Check out the photos below.

We have also been revising our 2D shapes and learning the names of. 3D shapes. We learnt that the name of the shape gives us a clue. For example tri means 3. We then had the opportunity to choose to make any 3D shape that we would like to make. We wore our Creative Hats for this Maths activity and it worked.
Can you name some of the 3D shapes we have made?

We are looking forward to our assembly next Friday the 27th October. We will see you there. Have a great week.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Friendology Luncheon

Dear Parents, we are pleased to be holding a shared Friendology luncheon between 2H and 2M on Friday 27th October (Week 3) to celebrate our learning gained within our Friendology programme. The children unanimously decided that they would like an shared luncheon to further develop the friendships they have with children from both classes. We look forward to this special celebration.

We would like each child to bring a small plate of food to share. If your child has any special dietary requirements or allergies could you please prepare a separate plate for them to enjoy on the day. Our shared luncheon will commence at 12.15.

Thanking you in advance,
Kind regards,
Paula, Kristy and Penny

Tuesday, 10 October 2017


Dear Parents, welcome back to Term 4 and our last term together. I hope you had a lovely holiday with your children.

Blue Room (2M) is having their assembly on Friday 27th October (Week 3). The date was changed and is not currently on the school calendar. Your child was given a note today explaining what their role is in the assembly and what they need to wear. The animal your child chose themselves and are very excited about their part in the assembly. We will be having a dress rehearsal on Thursday 26th October (Week 3) so that the children have the opportunity to move about with their costumes on. They need to bring their costume to school with them and then get changed back into their sports uniform. I will send a reminder text closer to the date. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Crunching Celery!!!!

Dear Parents, this week we were lucky enough to have Mrs Gray take us to our school vegetable garden and pick fresh celery. We found out a few facts about celery and how we could use it. We each picked our own piece of celery and then returned to the classroom to make Ants on logs. I don't think I need to explain this as I think the photos tell the rest of the story. Mrs Rock was our official photographer and managed to snap some wonderful photos.

The children loved the activity as you can see!!!

Thank you for your ongoing support this term. I can not believe that there is only one more term left before our year together is over. I wish you all a wonderful, relaxing and fun holiday and I will see you all for the start of Term 4?

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Shoebox Surprise!!!!!

Dear Parents, last week your child should have brought home a note explaining all about Christmas in a Shoebox. We are working together with 2H and sharing the excitement that packing a shoebox for a very special child brings.They chose groups and then chose the item that they would like to bring to put into the shoebox. On the back of the note gives you suggestions as to what you can put in the shoebox. The item that your child has chosen needs to be brought to school by next Friday (8th September) with their $2.50 to cover postage please.

In Science this week we not only enjoyed the beautiful sunshine but also went on a seed collecting adventure. We each had an egg carton to try and find 12 different seeds. With our partner we also tried to match the seed with the bush or tree that it came from and we took photos to help us identify each seed.

Next week we will try to classify the seeds that we have collected. The children took the activity very seriously and did a fabulous job finding so many different varieties.

I hope that you have had a chance to catch some of this week's sunshine and to replenish your Vitamin D.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads in Blue Room. I hope you have a fabulous day and that your child shows and tells you how special you are to them.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Money, Money, Money!!!!!!!!

Dear Parents, In Blue Room (2M) in Maths at the moment we are working with money. The children have done different activities to help them with this concept. They are each given a bag of money and   asked to firstly sort their money into the different coins. Secondly they were asked to find different coins to make up the same value of the coin that they could use if they went shopping. Thirdly they were asked to share the coins and find half of the total. This meant that they sometimes needed to swap or trade their coins for other coins. The process is very hands on.

Could I please ask you to allow your child to handle money, by counting it or using it to pay for something when you go out. The more hands on it can be the better understanding they will have of the concept of money. The children loved the opportunity to choose items yesterday at the Mission market and to be able to find the correct coins to pay for it. Thank you in advance for doing this activity with your child. 
Enjoy the rest of your week.
Kind regards,
Paula Murphy.